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You don’t have to have that sinking feeling about love!


Is it taking a tad too long or maybe, you’ve even given up. We’ve all cringed at that date that turned out to be… hmm..let’s just say not quite as we imagined. You might have some subconscious blockages stopping your ideal partner walking into your life. If you are ready to take the next actionable steps to MANifestion, then read on.

Here’s how it works:




We dive into your signed copy of ‘MANifest the One (of many)’ and kickstart the four step plan outlined in the book. We colour, glue and cut out your ideal man.



We chat about your experiences, good +/or bad. We can have great belly aching laughs, and sometimes even tears. It’s a safe environment where judgements aren’t made and you are welcome to be or feel whatever you need to.



We revisit old patterns, old flames and old broken hearts. But we move forward together or privately through the written words. We acknowledge and let go. We create space for your new love. You continue to work through the book in your own time at home.

You'll walk away after the workshop, hopefully feeling empowered knowing:

  • you've identified what fears or self-limiting beliefs that may have been blocking love,

  • what qualities and virtues are important to you in your ideal partner,

  • you've defined your non-negotiables,

  • exactly what you need to change in your life to get in alignment,

  • what type of partner you are really looking for,

  • you have multiple date idea options up your sleeve,

  • you have kinesiology tools to keep you on track,

  • you can keep creating with your Visual MANifest aid,

  • how to manifest your dream relationship!





Thank you for your kind words! x

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Past Sydney workshops:

MANifest the One

WHEN: V-DAY! February 14th, 2019
7 - 9:30pm
Kaizen (72 William Street, Paddington)
Choose your tix:
‘Single’ $150
‘Bring a friend’ $270 (save $30)


Do you feel it’s time to get super clear and release what's in your way? I've teamed up with the lovely Andrea of Kaizen to create the MANifest Love workshop to set you up for success in finding the one.

There is no point in setting intentions and writing lists of what you would like to attract if you have self sabotage blocks in place. If the unconscious mind is not in alignment then the one will simply not appear. We don’t want you to give up on the prospect of love just yet!

Over the course of the workshop, we will help you identify your blockages and show you techniques on how to clear them. We will further cement this with added excitement of creating your dream man on paper. We will work through the book, “MANifest the One of many” together in a fun and heartfelt manner. You can be creative, honest and thought-provoking over bubbles, nibbles, and good banter! Lot's of laughs and 'aha' moments guaranteed. When you combine all the senses and get creative, this is when the magic happens.

Price includes:

  • 1 x Signed Copy of  'MANifest the One of many' (RRP $39.95)

  • Kinesiology workshop with take home tools to integrate in your daily life (valued at $250)

  • 1 x Heart-healing essential oil roller blend (valued at $30)

  • MANifest the One spray (valued at $44)

  • Drinks + nibbles

  • Craft supplies provided

  • Lots of fun + laughs guaranteed!

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